Alan Parker(b.1944 )

    Alan is well known now as an English film director, producer and screenwriter. However his early career was spent as a copywriter and director of television ads for a small agency in Fleet Street called Maxwell Clarke. Starting in the mail room, then moving on to do mundane production jobs he started to write ads in the evenings and was taken under the wing of the creative department who marked his efforts. He later moved to PKL to work with Peter Mayle and then to CDP. Over lunch with Charles Saatchi & David Puttnam he was encouraged to write a film script and eventually convinced Colin Millward to let him experiment with making 16mm films in the agency basement using the agency staff as actors. He was hooked, told he was leaving by Colin Millward and set up The Alan Parker Film company. He has never looked back, making hits such as Fame, Evita, Midnight Express and Bugsy Malone, where he drew on his experience of working with children in the Bird’s Eye ads!