Brian Palmer(b.1929)

    At 8pm on 22nd September 1955, ITV broadcast its first television programme into 100,000 homes with its first advertisement airing 12 minutes later. Brian Palmer, then a 26-year old copywriter with Young & Rubicam wrote and produced it. It was for Gibbs SR Toothpaste and featured a tube of toothpaste in a block of ice. Although it didn’t have much of an impact on sales it ignited the fury of university professors and politicians to stop advertising on British television because it was crass and vulgar and would “turn decent English men and women into crazed consumers”. Brian went on to found his own agency Kingsley Manton & Palmer. They opened without a single account and were the first agency to offer fee-based work rather than commission. They were also the first agency to have open plan offices. A decision they soon reversed.  Their work included “You can take a White Horse anywhere.”