Colin Millward(b. 1924 d.2004)

    Colin Millward was CDP’s creative genius. A quietly spoken man who never made a speech or wrote an article for the trade press and who did everything he could to shun the limelight. An RAF pilot during WW1 he went on to art school and then Paris to study painting. His first job was at Mather & Crowther, but in its media department! In 1960 he joined the recently formed CDP by John Pearce. Working together they produced the right kind of creative tension and produced an atmosphere where everything was possible. He was known for working alongside his teams, grumbling about anything he saw that was dull or predictable, and approving all the work that left the agency. The work needed to be right first time and in turn the creative teams outdid themselves, saw their work running, making CDP a magnet for talented people. The work included Hamlet cigars, Benson & Hedges, and Harvey’s Bristol Cream. He is also remembered for helping art directors and designers settle their differences and agree on a constitution: and D&AD was born.