Jane Newman(b.1947)

    Jane Newman led the British invasion of planning in America. Through her, Jay Chiat and Lee Clow introduced planning to the USA and by 1988 Jane had become President of Chiat/Day – the first planner ever to hold that title. Chiat Day’s mantra was “good is not good enough”. Newman’s brilliance was to prove to the industry that creativity grounded in human truths creates relevance and far greater impact that leads to effectiveness. Along the way she hired and trained a whole generation of planners virtually every one of whom has gone on to leadership roles, inspired and mentored by her. She was the driving force behind the 4A’s Account Planning Committee and Conference, and chaired the Account Planning Group. In 1993 Jane was the first planner (and one of the very few women) to co-found an ad agency – Merkley Newman Harty – which was organised around brand teams rather than departments.


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