Simon Broadbent(b.1928 d.2002)

    Simon’s lifelong interest was applying statistical analysis to problem solving and when he joined the industry in the 1960s he was among the first to apply the techniques of econometric modelling to sales data. The challenge for him was to isolate advertising’s effects on sales from “noise” in the data caused by factors such as price and distribution. This had been thought impossible. He did more than anyone else to show that advertising can contribute to profit and that it is not a cost that can be cut with no effect on sales. In 1979, while at Leo Burnett and concerned that there was no publicly available evidence on the economic value of advertising he helped create the IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards which today has over 1500 cases. The techniques he invented have become common currency for agencies, clients and analysts around the world. He published more than 200 papers and books including Spending Advertising Money, The Advertising Budget, When to Advertise and Accountable Advertising.